Airborne Wind Energy

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We bring the next generation of renewables to the market

Harnessing persistent high-altitude winds: Doubling the output, cutting cost by half, resource efficient and economical worldwide.

We at EnerKíte are developing, most efficient airborne wind energy technology, capable to generate distributed, dispatchable green electricity, on site and at the size of the demand.
Our ambition is a world with 100% renewables. Therefore, EnerKítes represents a very economical and reliable alternative to diesel and coal.

Our Solution - Base Load Capable Renewable Energy

Today’s electricity from Wind turbines is volatile and fully available only at stronger winds. PV panels deliver electricity only during the day and if there are no clouds. The gap between demand and renewable generation needs to be compensated by fossil fuels or by massive enhancements of the storage systems or the grid.


At higher altitudes, the wind blows stronger and more persistent.
30% more Wind speed equals 100% more power. EnerKites reveal a unique potential to benefit from high altitude winds. They harness twice as much energy as the wind turbines and save 95% of the material at the same power rating.
The gap between generation and demand reduces and with less than 3 cent per kilowatt hour electricity from wind will become cheaper than from coal.

We expand the wind power opportunity and create new markets

Almost every country in this world could be powered by wind energy many times over. Today only 4 % of the global electricity comes from wind. 
Twenty times the opportunity: Small wind turbines are competitive at only 2% of the global landmass. However, at about 100 – 500 kW there is a massive and unsatisfied demand for decentralized green energy. 
With EnerKíte units mining companies, operators of charging stations, farmers, enterprises, and communities can supply themselves without the need for subsidies. The portable units can serve for disaster relief and in remote areas with sustainable and clean electricity.
The entry product EK200 finds sufficient high-altitude winds at 80% of the landmass to represent a highly competitive alternative to wind turbines, PV and Diesel.
In the MW class, EnerKítes doubles the onshore wind power opportunity, offshore the potential increases about the factor of three to four.

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EU Logo 

This project has received funding from the European Commission, Horizon 2020 SME Instrument (grant no. 85033– - AWESOME)

BMW Grant

This project is funded within the 6. Energy research framework by the federal ministry of economy BMWi (grant no. 0324355– - ENERWING)



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Awesome! EnerKíte awarded with € 2.3 Mio EU grant

EnerKite and our proposal „AWESOME“ is one of the winners of H2020 SME instrument call. The Grant agreement with the EU Commission was signed a few days ago.  Awesome stands for: "Airborne Wind Energy and Storage system for Off-grid and Mobile Electricity“ 

With a funding rate of 70%, EnerKíte will receive a € 2.3 Mio grant for our innovation and product development. This will allow to boost our performance from early 2019 on during the next years and to secure new ressources for a long-lasting success.

EnerKíte’s score was 14.62 out of 15. The Jury members - recruited out of VCs and Experts - wrote in their evaluation:

  • The team has the motivation and technical capacity. Raising private funding has also been demonstrated as well as the ability to integrate senior executives into the team.
  • The commercialization strategy is sound, with proven early pilots financed by the customers. The financial projections and planning are realistic.
  • Due to the high demand of the off-grid market, the time is right for this innovation. The application of the technology will be disruptive and create a new market category.






Left: Claus and Alexander after pitching EnerKite in Brussels    ---  Right:  Our team in full excitement after reception of the EU letter.

Deutsche Welle features EnerKíte.

We think its well done!
The Feature of #DW Deutschen Welle gives space for the actors: The #EnerKite team and our supporters and allies.
Developing, prototyping and testing towards the proof of concept comes along with our customer dialogues and winning investors. 
Thanks to the filming team of #DW for your persistence and the joint shifts day and night in the test field. 

EU Commission awards: "Seal of Excellence"

At the start of this year, EnerKíte submitted a proposal for Small and Medium Enterprises under the H2020 SME instrument phase 2 framework. With a budget of 3.2 EURm, the project outlined the path to bringing our first product EK200 close to market. Work packages focused on technology maturation, pilot projects, market preparation and commercialisation. Year by year, the EU Commission has been progressively increasing the criteria – from 12, now 13 out of 15 points are required to be preselected out of thousands of applications. EnerKíte and its project AWESOME was one of the few companies to hit these thresholds. Unfortunately, 13,1 points - our highest score so far - was not good enough to be amongst one of around a dozen winners. The "Seal of Excellence" that was award to EnerKíte and the proposal, is however a win and success on its own - paving the path to local funding. The valuation of the international jury of experts was: "This proposal was scored as a high-quality project proposal in a highly competitive evaluation process." The federal state government recently issued a new funding scheme which offers even more attractive funding rates than the EU. We are drafting the winning proposal now. We are prepared.