In the scope the the Marie-Curie Initial Training Network AWESCO: "Airborne Wind Energy - System Modelling, Control and Optimisation" EnerKíte is looking to hire a candidate for the analysis of safety and reliability of components and systems of future products. The position is accompanied by a PhD at the Technical University Delft. You are highly motivated to provide insight into and solutions for safe and reliable airborne wind energy, an eye for the critical components and you have not been living in germany for longer than three months? Then apply at:

Arte TV was joining the EnerKíte team working in their Labs in Berlin and on the test site in Pritzwalk an entire day long.

With anti-collision- and positions-lights EnerKite PowerFoil are ready for energy generation round the clock. Progress in the field of LED lights with a powerdensity of app. 100 lumen/watt allows obstacle markings in accordance to the airtraffinc requierements at minimal weight and engery demand. The set consisting of 4 x 3,5W LED, control and power suppply is easy to be integrated in the light PowerFoil wings.

Don't you wonder how levelized cost of wind energy may beat the cost of nuclear, coal or even water power? Would you like to learn how it is possible to double the capacity factor up to 5000 full load hours on land - a goal which just is aimed for cost expensive offshore wind? Are you keen to see how that windturbine looks, which makes 90% of the materials obsolete, by replacing it with an intelligent design and control?

The first generation of EnerKite PowerFoils is in the air. PowerFoils provides maximized performance and power at minimized weight. Red/white and red/grey designs are available for high visibility for flights above 100m. Systematic improvements, new fabric and reinforcements of ribs and bridle, are allowing to double the load of the Kite. Powerfoils are a joint development of EnerKite Flysurfer. Both companies work together exclusively in the field of foil-kites for wind-energy applications.
The Powerfoils can be ordered at EnerKite in sizes from 12, 15, 19, 21 qm. Individual sizes, bridles, colours and printed logos on request


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