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EnerKíte was awarded the Efficient Solution Label of the Solar Impulse Foundation as one of about 600 sustainable innovations worldwide. This confirms that the EnerKíte EK200 system under development promises an excellent balance between profitability and sustainability.

Independent experts examined our prospective product in detail according to five criteria in a standardized process. The main criteria are feasibility, environment and profitability as well as compatibility with the United Nations' sustainable development goals. EnerKíte plants not only contribute to an affordable and clean energy supply, but also implement the sustainability goals in the area of resource efficiency. In application scenarios, as part of an integrated solution, they enable a clean water supply, reduce expenses in the area of charging infrastructure and help communities in rural areas to create local added value by supplying green electricity themselves.

About the Solar Impulse Foundation

The Solar Impulse Foundation was founded by solar plane pioneer Bertrand Piccard after he circumnavigated the world in his solar plane. Piccard wants to network leading players from industry, politics and finance and urge governments to adopt a more ambitious energy policy with ambitious environmental goals.

Decision-makers in industry and politics will be presented with the 1000 Solutions to convince them that the future belongs to technological innovations that are both economical and environmentally friendly.

What else do a solar airplane and an EnerKíte have in common?

On EnerKíte, the shine of success is not only coloured by the Efficient Solution Label. We are directly linked by technological innovation, because the chief engineer of Bertrand Piccard's Solar Impulse Project was also involved in the development of the ultra-light EnerKíte wing. With the Solar Impulse airplane Piccard has also crossed technological boundaries. In the twelve years between the start of the project and the round-the-world flight in 2016, he spared neither expense nor trouble in making the impossible possible. Like Solar Impulse, it is not just a radiant vision, but a team of movers and shakers who will not be discouraged until success is achieved.


At the Airborne Wind Energy Conference (AWEC) 2019 in Glasgow, EnerKíte has shown the stable control of a kite rotating at long tethers for launch and landing for the first time. This is a significant milestone and proof of our unique approach and design choices. We have accomplished more than a thousand launches and landings in 500 hours of testing in the field. We are excited about the tremendous feedback we received from our industry partners, academia, and even from competitors.

We think its well done!
The Feature of #DW Deutschen Welle gives space for the actors: The #EnerKite team and our supporters and allies.
Developing, prototyping and testing towards the proof of concept comes along with our customer dialogues and winning investors. 
Thanks to the filming team of #DW for your persistence and the joint shifts day and night in the test field. 
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EnerKite and our proposal „AWESOME“ are one of the winners of the H2020 SME instrument call. The Grant agreement with the EU Commission was signed a few days ago.  Awesome stands for: "Airborne Wind Energy and Storage system for Off-grid and Mobile Electricity“ 

With a funding rate of 70%, EnerKíte will receive a € 2.3 Mio grant for our innovation and product development. This will allow to boost our performance from early 2019 on during the next years and to secure new resources for a long-lasting success.

At the start of this year, EnerKíte submitted a proposal for Small and Medium Enterprises under the H2020 SME instrument phase 2 framework. With a budget of 3.2 EURm, the project outlined the path to bringing our first product EK200 close to market. Work packages focused on technology maturation, pilot projects, market preparation and commercialisation. Year by year, the EU Commission has been progressively increasing the criteria – from 12, now 13 out of 15 points are required to be preselected out of thousands of applications. EnerKíte and its project AWESOME was one of the few companies to hit these thresholds. Unfortunately, 13,1 points - our highest score so far - was not good enough to be amongst one of around a dozen winners. The "Seal of Excellence" that was award to EnerKíte and the proposal, is however a win and success on its own - paving the path to local funding. The valuation of the international jury of experts was: "This proposal was scored as a high-quality project proposal in a highly competitive evaluation process." The federal state government recently issued a new funding scheme which offers even more attractive funding rates than the EU. We are drafting the winning proposal now. We are prepared.

EnerKite SealofExcellence 2018


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