With the slogan "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future", 192 nations will exchange ideas for the future of the earth. The German Pavilion has dedicated itself entirely to the main topic of sustainability and will exhibit solutions for the future in the three thematic areas: energy, biodiversity and city of the future. With the name #CAMPUSGERMANY, Germany is presented as innovative, humorous, cooperative and hopeful.

EnerKíte im Energy Lab CAMPUSGERMANY Expo2020Dubai

Image © Deutscher Pavillon Expo 2020 / Björn Lauen

EnerKíte is honored to be featured as an interactive experience in the Energy Lab at the suggestion of the Brandenburg Ministry of Economics. In best company of other exciting German innovations like Heliatek and Lilium, we hope for many interested visitors and look forward to new international contacts. From political decision-makers we hope for clear commitments and strong momentum.

"An offensive culture of innovation is needed for the rapid implementation of the energy transition," says EnerKíte founder and CEO Alexander Bormann. "We would also like to see even more courage and speed in order to realize profound developments including testing and scaling of new technologies in the fight against climate change. Our call goes out to policymakers to promote both the development of groundbreaking, efficient and environmentally compatible technologies, as well as their commercialization in the early stages with a high willingness to take risks."


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