High Altitude Wind


Wind profiles at an offshore- and onshore site

Wind profiles are showing the increase in wind speed with altitude for two typical sites in Germany. The same annual winds are prevealing at costal sites at 100 m (Nordholz) as at typical interieur sites (Lindenberg) at 300 m. Above 200 - 300 m - within the Ekmanlayer - the increase in annual winds are moderate.

For the optimal operation and the annual yield the wind data at higher resolutions in time are decisional.

The image below is showing Lidar measurements at 200, 100, 40 Meter and the winds at 6 metres.


LIDAR measurements from our test site in Brandenburg


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EnerKítes are operated in two phases according to the so-called reverse Yo-Yo concept. During the power phase the wing flies cross-wind, unfurling the lines with optimal force and speed. During the recovery phase the wing returns to the starting point as fast and smooth as possible with minimal energy expenditure. The ground station generates electrical power from the torque of the unfurling lines whilst steering the wing using differential drum drives.

Start, operation and Landing of the wing work fully automatic.


Unique Characteristics

The EnerKíte technology in general and the products in particular are distiguished by the following unique propositions:

  • Maximized security through multi-line tether and redundancy
  • High reliability with proven components
  • Secure supply, low system cost, high capacity factors
  • Suited for small wind spots
  • Maintainance friendly, durable light weight wings
  • Minimal noise and visual impact
  • Airspace recognition and adaptive operation
  • Low land requirements due to rotational land- and launch system
  • Easy transport and erection
  • Industry proven and experienced team, automation since 2008

EnerKíte is leading in reliable kite control, efficient wings, fail-safe generator technology, IP, Know-How and operational experience.


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